Course Features
Language: English
2 months (48 hours)
4 Chapters
Study Level: Beginner
Certificate of Completion

What Will I Learn?

This course focuses on photo based design and concept development which involves photo capturing photo editing & manipulating using adobe Photoshop.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop photo based graphics design concepts
  • Apply photo editing with an industry based experience
  • To know photography as it specifically applied to graphics design

Prior Knowledge

Basic Computer Knowledge.

1. Introduction to Digital compositing photography & Photoshop

1.1 What is digital compositing photography? lecture

1.2 Historical development of photography in graphic design lecture

1.3 Digital composition and concept development techniques lecture

2. Software skills in Adobe Photoshop

2.1 Selection in Adobe Photoshop practice

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop interface
  • Selection techniques in Adobe Photoshop

– Shape-based selection

– Color-based selection

– Path Selection

– Advanced Selection using layer mask

– Photo retouching techniques

– Color correction techniques

– Image diagnosis & adjustment (masking, Blending, Erasing…)

2.2 Image Manipulation and adjustment practice

2.3 Photo based design elements & their combination practice

  • design elements in Photoshop (text, color, shape, texture….)- Combining design elements

2.4 Special effect & image artwork practice

  • Adding non-existing unrealistic effects (Dispersion)
  • Image art work (filter gallery, smudging, bluring, distorting…..)

3. Tasks and Projects

3.1 Steps For each Tasks exam

Steps for each task

  1. Idea Creation and Concept development
  2. Photo shooting in digital lab/field
  3. Photo editing using Photoshop
  4. Layout Composition
  5. Printing


Task-1     Entertainment Industry (music, movie…)

Task -2    Fashion Industry (cloths, shoes, accessories…)

Task-3    Food & Beverages (soft drinks, alcohols, restaurant posture/menu)

Task-4    Product/Service Catalogue

4. Advanced photo editing

4.1 Advance Photo Editing quiz

– 3D images

– Gif (short videos)


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